How the heck do staves work?

I’m trying to add a new staff that heals at 1-3 range. I’ve gotten it to work, but it only heals the casters magic in hp and I can’t select a target. I’ve heard that staves are difficult to work with, but I want to put this in the game. so, how do I make it heal more then the users base magic, and how do I fix the staff to be able to select the person I’m healing? I use FEbuilder in case that matters.

These type of things go into ASM territory.

I guess this is where my staff lord adventures come in handy!
@Teraspark has created a pair of ASM modules that help with creating custom staves!
Of course this is for use with buildfiles, I’m not sure how you’d do such a thing in FEBuilder.

@Venno has also done something similar, for both items and staves, but I haven’t used it so I can’t vouch for it.


You could also search for the term “staff” in the patches section of FEBuilder. 7743 usually incorporates all those ASM modifications there.