How many PMEs do we have today

  • what are you smoking I see no PMEs
  • 1
  • 5
  • 10
  • 348939535345 calculated
  • 999999999999999999

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What is a PME. I have never heard of such a silly thing.


Too many especially since they all are so simple that they blend together


It could be PME Fever. It’s going to be a trend until the next big thing comes along.

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I don’t see anything. My sphere of consciousness rejects all

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  • Your jeigan has 0 Skl base / growth.
  • Your Lord has max con and high def/str

Player tip:


A thing that’s been flooding feu months ago

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It’s called PME (Pull My Ear).

Another tip for people who don’t care about PMEs: Go to Account → Preferences → Tags and add any tags under Muted that you never want to see again (in this case, pick_my_edits and pme). It saves you the effort of muting individual PMEs by wiping them all off your feed. 10/10, would recommend.


My political stance on PMEs:

Dude Chainsaw man part 2 goes hard, yall should read it


Play Yggdra Union on steam


played it and don’t understand the battle sequence

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you pick a card and then you walk up to someone and if they are a man you avoid them being in a cross and if they are a woman you avoid them being in a cross but tilted slightly

If you think about it all hacks are PMES, its just that only one person is making the edits…that’s like so DEEP man…


Woah .

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To throw my own (unimportant) take, I think PMEs are fine and a good way for new hackers to get accustomed to tools like FEBuilder. With that said, I think it’d be really nice if the forums had a PME tag, like how there’s tags for shilling and what not

There should already be a tag for PMES.

There is, but I feel like upgrading it to a full tag like Community or Concept would go a long way

Wow dude I’m so high right now… that’s like damn bro It’s like “repeats mindblown gesture 3 times” yknow. Like wow, so… crazy yknow and deep