How long would it take to get used to ASM language?

topic^ because I want to add skills and a str and mag split (or edit the existing one to remove glitches) to FE7 remastered, and I’m pretty sure it takes ASM.

Depends what you mean by “get used to”. Learning all the opcodes? Can easily be done in a day. Here: Bookmark this. Voila.

Learning how to use it effectively? Well…practice makes perfect, I guess. Do little things until you think you can do big things.

Also, what glitches in the str/mag split?

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Taken straight from the readme: "GLITCHES:
Yes. There are glitches. Sorry.

  • The promotion screen had a flipping effect when the class changes on the bar at the top (the one that says Cavalier Lv 10 and changes to Paladin Lv 1). I couldn’t figure out how to shift that effect upwards when I expanded the screen, so I had to disable it. It’s almost certain that you never noticed it existed, but I’m mentioning it anyway, because I am an honest person.
  • Similarly, the promotion/level-up screen with animations on has a bar of tiles that refuses to scroll in with the rest of the image. This means that when the stats zoom in from the left, there’s going to be a row of tiles already there. It’s a bit ugly, but again, I don’t know how to fix it.
  • Also similarly, the level-up screen with animations OFF (yes, they’re different!) has a piece appear at the of the screen. This is because I made the image larger to accomodate 2 more stats, so it’s juuuuuuust large enough to hang off the screen and (due to the way backgrounds work) loop in from the top. This will only be seen for the first and last 2 frames, so it really shouldn’t be TOO noticeable, but it does irk me that I cannot fix it.
  • I had to disable B/W/L because that’s where I saved the mag stat when, y’know, saving. Otherwise, it’ll show the wrong values." End quote, I do want this, but those glitches, though… (With respect to the creator of course, who did something I couldn’t HOPE to do right now.)

Oh, right, those. Well, if you do manage to fix them, you’re a better person than I. Perhaps try something a little less ambitious first, though :p.