How does the game handle dead units during forced events?

Let’s say at ChapterX there’s an opening/ending event for CharIDs 05, 0C and 14.
But CharIDs 05 and 14 died in previous chapters.

What will happen?

  • The event won’t play at all?
  • The event will play as intended and the “dead” units will remain unavailable in the rooster afterwards?
  • The event will play as intended and the “dead” units will become available in the rooster afterwards? (like they got “resurrected” with their original base stats and class?)

this really depends on how you’re structuring your events

how can you have an opening event just for three units? this entire post confuses me, please elaborate ;-;

It’s an example. Not about the number of “dead” units. >_>

Example 2:
CharID 0F “dies” at chapter 3 and is unusable as a unit from that point on
but the opening/ending scene of chapter 14 has CharID 0F appear on map alongside others
and participate in events without being available as a pick-up unit.

How will the game see that?

you’d have to load2 to do something like that, and that unit would have to be on the table whose pointer can be found at $84864
then the unit would appear for map events, but not actually appear in the party

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Yes I was referring to Load2 because that Unit is already loaded in the past with Load1.
Ok I see.

So what if that Unit is loaded with Load1 again.
Will the same CharID “return from the dead” with the stats and Lv dictated by the pointer of Load1?

honestly, i’m not sure. if you want them to be completely initalized, i do know that using DISA_IF characterid will reset them and allow them to join the party once more

Asking because I just saw this:

I initially thought Load2 won’t display dead IDs
and then I saw that pic and it seems it needs special treatment to show dead peoplez?

hey, that’s the table i mentioned here! that’s a lot more handy lol

anybody on that table will be displayed in a load2 even if they die

Ok I see. So it needs both the table config and Load 2 command.

Also with a very casual look (just looked with HxD), you don’t even need to expand the table
as it has by default 0x94 empty entries.