How does music editing work in gba games?

Ok for 3 days I have been trying to wrap my head around the tutorials but man I just do not get it so I have some questions to help clarify.

I’m trying to take a Mp3 file, put in it in the game, and have it working. From my understanding, the process goes like this:

Mp3 file -> Midi file -> open and drag over midi2gba -> .s file is created -> open sappy and put .s file in that shit -> hack be bumping

However here is what I am having trouble with:

  • what program converts mp3’s into midi’s? audcity doesn’t work and ended up just using an online converter for it.

  • how do I edit the midi so I can edit the song to loop?

  • when exactly do I work on the midi to make it sound right in the game by the time I use sappy to put it in?

  • how does the midi2gba thing work exactly? I get the drag midi on it to create .s files part but I noticed when I tried to do it, I got no .s file and no error message to tell me what I did wrong. I really don’t get what all that stuff in the midi2gba folder is for.

I think I can figure out the rest like how long the song can be and the track stuff, I’m just having a lot of problems with the steps before sappy comes in.

A midi file is essentially a “music score” which does not store actual music, but rather, the note to be played at time X at a certain tempo in track Y. Therefore, converting a mp3 into a midi would be like converting music to written instructions; a machine is not very effective at doing so, as it takes a good amount of time and effort for a human to do, as it requires the distinguishing of different instruments and pitches with a certain rhythm.

In all honesty, there are no programs that can turn any audio file into a pleasant, workable midi. For the best results, a human would have to create the midi file based off of what they hear throughout the audio.

Using Anvil Studio, you can mark the loop end and start by adding a new cue and labeling the start “[” and the end “]”.

This question is oddly vague and confusing. I suppose you would be continuously working on it throughout? If you want to edit the midi, do it before you use mid2agb.exe.

It has to be a valid midi file for midi2gba to work. The only program of particular interest and use is the “mid2agb.exe,” which produces a .s file which can be inserted into the ROM using sappy.

I see, thank you, this makes sense and explains a lot. Guess I am going to have to make some decisions on if I want the songs bad enough in the game.

As for the midi2gba, I am using valid midi files unless there is something else I am missing. I even tried the midi flies included in the folder as a test to see if it is working and got nothing.

This is kinda dumb, but make sure you’re using mid2agb, not midi2gba. Some things to try if it doesn’t like your midi file is the “File ->Export to MIDI format-0 file” option in Anvil and make sure your filename doesn’t have spaces in it.

Converting a .mp3 to a .mid is like converting ravioli pasta to the Nashville Predators; they’re two completely different things.

yeah I’m just going to use existing midi files. Trying to make one from scratch…well let’s just say it’s a skill I don’t have.

update: This stuff is mentally exhausting. I figured it out and got music playing in the game but it sounds way off and it’s looking like way more work I do not want to focus on right now. A mod can mark this as solved and close it if they want because I am just so done with this.

if bleepbloops are your problem, try messing around with “Edit voice table” in Sappy