How do you change text based on who has died?

I was just wondering how you could change text based on a specific death in your party. For example, if a unit dies in a chapter and they had something to say after the chapter, how could you change that so the unit doesn’t say that or another interaction is put in its place

You would have a flag that triggers upon their death and then check for said flag in the ending events.

Using a permanent event ID (above 0x65) that activates in the death quote, and in the event you use a conditional, if it has been activated, it is dead, if not, it is alive


Can I ask how you assign a permanent event ID to a death quote? Is it done through one of the nightmare modules?

The death quote editor has the section “trigger ID”, for example the lords have “0x65”, and, characters like Canas already have ID’s associated with his death, in FE8 it is the same, but I do not remember who has one already in FE8 vanilla

Thanks, I haven’t really explored that editor yet since we haven’t written any alternate dialogue just yet, but when we do I’ll be sure to explore it further.