How do these games work?

Hello, everyone.
I’ve recently been playing through the SNES Fire Emblems, and I have a couple of questions:

  1. In Fire Emblem 3, how is the critical hit chance calculated? Is it the usual skill divided in half like usual? Do any classes get any special bonuses?

  2. Why do the in-battle stats like hit rate vary from the map overview?

  3. Is the weapon level something that has its own set percentage of growing, like all the other stats? When it goes up, does it affect every kind of weapon that character is able to use, or does the weapon level only go up for one kind of weapon?

  4. For Thracia 776, does a double attack occur upon having 5 AS higher instead of the usual 4?

I can answer number 3 basically yes weapon level works like all other stats with a percent chance to increase, and it does affect all weapons that the unit can use.

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I see.
Thanks for the answer👍🏻

1.) Crit = Skill + Weapon Crit

2.) FE3 doesn’t show your calced stats before battle like later games. You get to see your stats when selecting your weapon, the enemy’s when you’re about to select them, and in battle you see specifically
calculated hit, total attack stat (not the actual damage dealt), defense/res stat (subtract from atk for actual damage) and crit rate.
It does good to keep your numbers in mind and do the math before initiating battle. FE6 is the first game to calc for you.

3.) Yes, weapon level is a regular stat and every character has their own growth. It is universal, a character with 10 wpn lvl will be able to use any weapon their class is allowed to use with a level of 10 and under. I wanna say the highest level weapon over all in this game is like either 12 or 14.

4.) I want to say FE5 is still 4 AS. Since it’s probably useful to know as well, FE3’s AS threshold is 3.

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For number 1, the formula for critical hit chance in FE3 (according to Serenes Forest) = Weapon Critical + Skill + Support bonus

Support bonuses are set between characters and may be one-way. For example, Minerva supports all of the whitewings, but only gets support bonuses from Maria.

The bonus gives either +5 or +10 hit/crit/avoid to the supported character when within 3 tiles of their support partner(s), depending on the pair involved. I believe supports stack if they are in range of multiple partners, but I’m not sure. It’s honestly not that important, I beat the game without knowing about these bonuses so you’ll probably be fine if you don’t take full advantage of them.

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Thank you both very much! Your answers were very helpful👍🏻