How do I set Casual Mode for FE7 Hack?

I’m making a hack of FE7. I want the hack to not have permadeath, largely so my friends who aren’t FE fans can play it without getting angry when a unit dies. I’m using FEBuilderGBA, and I’ve found a patch that should be enabling Casual Mode, but either the patch doesn’t work, or I’m doing something wrong when applying it. What do I do?

For fe8 you have to turn on flag 0xB0 for casual mode to be on. Please turn that flag on at the start of the game and test it and report back. I am unsure if it’s the same for fe7

How do I turn that flag on? I’m not seeing any flag with the number 0xB0. (I can’t find it after applying the patch to an FE8 rom either, so I assume it’s just because I’m a noob who’s looking in the wrong places.)

Do I just have to give 0xB0 as custom flag name?

It’s an event command. Flag ON (Enut) 0xB0, I think

I found it for FE8, but it doesn’t look like FE7 has enough tags to even reach 0xB0. From what I can tell, it only goes to 0xA4.

Casual mode isn’t vanilla. If you want casual mode, write the ASM for it yourself.

They are asking about the casual mode patch in builder, for FE7.

I know it’s not vanilla. I’m trying to add it to the hack I’m making.

I just checked. The casual mode patch for fe7 actually uses flag 0xA0, but the description is wrong. I informed 7743 about it so he can fix it.

All you have to do is turn flag 0xA0 to ON and player units will become undeployed instead of dead when they reach 0 hp.

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Sweet! Thanks!

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