How do I merge the routes of FE8?

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  • Hacking method: Febuildergba
  • Base Game: FE8

For a long time now I’ve been wanting to merge both of the routes in the game so that you play them alternatingly (i.e. Eirika chapter 9, then Ephraim chapter 9, then Eirika chapter 10, so on), just like Merpin’s Route Fusion but without them splitting armies, without the balance changes and preferrably with Chapter 11 of both routes kept intact. I see this requires some tinkering with the world map nodes but I haven’t been able to figure it out.

I’m asking because it’s literally the only thing I need left for this personal project I’ve been making

Just remove the route split event and have ephraim ch9 end event lead to eirika ch9 and so on. You’re probably best off doing it without world map, it’d just be so much easier.

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I, er, can’t find the route split event, is it in the World Map Events section?

Also, how do I do it without world map? Would I have to remove it from the rest of the game? I’m sorry for my lack of knowledge, I would look up more stuff by myself if I was making a full fledged hack instead of a small mod.

Hey, this is Merpin. I haven’t edited that Route Fusion hack in a long time so I opened it back up to see what I did. First, the route split is in the Chapter Start Event of Castle Frelia inside of this Call Event.
Map Edit
The normal event looks like this. I decided to leave it mostly as-is and just change future chapters instead.

Below is the event that I added to every end event on Eirika’s Chapters (ignore the Call events, those are for army changes). Basically, the top chapter is where you go if you started on Ephraim’s route and the bottom chapter is where you go if you started on Eirika’s route. Do the same thing for Ephraim’s maps.
End Event, Ignore Call
One last thing! Add this patch to prevent locking up the game. It has something to do with how the game draws routes on the world map.
I’m a little busy right now with the holidays so this is all I have time for, but if you still need more help I’ll be sure to respond when I get the chance.


Thanks a lot and merry christmas, I’ll try doing that

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Tried it a few times, the first time there was a flag on Ephraim’s chapter 9 on the world map, but no road was drawn and I couldn’t get there. In the other times the save file said it was Eph’s chapter 9 but nothing was changed on the map and it just played Eirika’s route like normal.

Oh, that’s a shame. Instead of using the world map, you’ll have to use the “without world map” events instead for every chapter including the post-route split maps. This will disable the world map for the rest of the game and the creature campaign, but it should work fine otherwise.
Better Solution
Just be sure to download this patch for skipping the world map. Since the world map is still used for the prologue up to chapter 8, you’ll want this patch as opposed to the other one.
Skip Map
Hope this helps!

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Appreciate the help but I really wanted to keep the world map and especially the post-game. You managed to keep them in your routemerge hack, right? I was wondering if you made any other changes, like changing Ephraim’s map sprite to Eirika’s during her chapters, drawing roads, etc.

I finally figured it out! I was looking through all of the chapter/world map events and nothing was different, so I had no idea why it worked in one ROM but not the other. Then I looked through the different tabs on FEBuilder and found the World Map Nodes!

More Nodes
I’m still not exactly sure how it works, but the game uses these values to determine where the next chapter is when using the world map. In this case, the values for “Next World Map Node ID” would all be A for Eirika’s Chapter 10. But since we need to alternate between Eirika and Ephraim’s maps, I changed them to E and F respectively depending on which route you started. I didn’t think to check the nodes because most fangames don’t use the world map at all, so this data is usually ignored.

Anyways, just go to the nodes tab and change all of the values to the corresponding next chapters like you did for the End Events. There might be some issues with Chapter 11 of both routes though since they use the world map, but don’t have their own corresponding node. But if those chapters work, this should be all you need for the world map!

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Alright, I think that solves it. Thank you so much dude, youre a lifesaver.

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