How do I import a map from one game to another?and how do i "rip" them?

I know the God Arch made a tutorial about importing tilesets, but i dont know how to rip them, i know we have an offset in our event references, and we copy from there…BUT how do i know where do a map end? or the tilesets and config for that matter? some can be really big and others are really small, is there some hex “this ends here” or something? Iike, i dont know, if you see a “1DC5” thats the end of the map. I want a map from FE6 to be in FE7

And also, bonus question, is there anyway to know the same about ASM codes? where do they end? cause if it can be done, you can make funky skills just by moving some pointers and pasting some code from other GBA FE GAMES

you definitely can’t just copy and paste code from other games to get skills


i can guarantee you that isn’t how that works


If you don’t know where does a data end, trace the routine and find out how game knows where it ends. That’s the basic thought of hacking.

Well thanks for the info…i imagine that there is no way to know the end of a map either??

I would assume it’s the same as importing tilesets. Just look at where the map exists in the event editor nightmare module and see where the map starts. That way you know where the map you want to import ends because the next map starts.

It is lz77 compressed, so you don’t need to know its length. Decompress it from src rom -> Compress it to dst rom.

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Thanks a lot, that solves my problem :smiley: