How do I change a map objective?

So I trying to change the objective of Ch. 3 of my hack ( which is Ch. 2 of FE8) and I’m not sure how to change the objective of the map. I’m using FEBuilder and I changed the clear condition, detailed clear condition and mini-map objective all to Seize instead of Rout but it still treats the map as rout? Does anyone know how to fix this, I’d rather not be stuck with the vanilla victory condition for every chapter, for obvious reasons.

What exactly are you attempting to accomplish, and what precisely is the problem?
If the chapter is triggering an event when all enemy units have been defeated, then you would need to edit the events of the chapter, under the Misc_events pointer.

I am attempting to change the objective of Ch. 2 of Sacred Stones from it’s default of Rout to Seize for my hack, I was told changing the “Detail Clear Condition” in FEBuilder would work but it does not, and the map still works like a Rout Map, so when all the enemies are defeated, the map just ends

What Sage said, you need to edit the event responsible for clearing the chapter. You’ve changed the text display, but you haven’t modified the event yet. This tut at around the time I linked shows what to do in FEbuilder.