How do I add Custom skills directly to FE Builder?

I am fairly new to the skill system patch and I am struggling to understand how to correctly insert skills into my game. I have one that I am trying very hard to insert but I feel as if I may need someone to help me walk me through the issue. I directly imported the skill system through the Skill Custom btw. If anyone can help walk me through this issue then I would be very glad. I would very much prefer a private message or dm.

Is there a specific part you are struggling with?

Generally for adding new skills I would:

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I am struggling with how to write the skill and make it function without any errors by manually writing its ID in every text file necessary. The AssembleARM seems to never work for me and I get lost in the technical parts of the procedure. And yes, I followed that guide and read it several times but I can’t wrap my head around written guides in general. I was always a visual learner.

(This is the issue I am having with my skill at the moment)

I’ve never used skillsys but the error messages suggest you are out of empty space in that part of the ROM.
I don’t think the batch file you are using automatically does any expansion or repointing.

Edit: nvm that’s just information messages; can you show line 314 of skilldescriptions.event or whatever it was indicated in the error message?
P.S. in programming, letter case matters, might be the source of the ID being undefined

Also what program are you using to edit the .event files because Notepad infamously ruins encoding

Well yes, I do use Notepad which may be the reason why this happens but I’m not sure

I also realized it was registered as an AuraSkill so I moved it to the AuraSkill file yet nothing seems to have changed.

What? No it doesn’t

Define the skill in root/enginehacks/skillsystem/skilldefinitions.event
Make an existing skill id as 255 and put yours as whatever number the skill you replaced was using