How big can overworld sprites be?

I’ve been messing around with FEBuilder and I noticed that the lord class is a perfect 16x16 px square, and I thought all overworld minis had to be that way. Then I found out Cavaliers to be 16x19.

How big can I export an Sprite without it breaking the game in half?

Check out the demon king. Iirc it’s 32x32. There’s three size classes for them. Small, Tall and Large

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Huh, neat. That gives me some freedom. I wanted to replace all OW sprites with their Fates counterparts, Awakening if that was impossible. I’ll just try to be careful with space.

Might want to be careful about it. There’s limited graphics space, so the game can’t display a lot of really large sprites at once. The smaller you can get them the better.

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Got it. I think I’ll keep them at 16x16-20x20, or so.

Just went to double check the sizes for you.
Small is 16x16.
Tall is 16x32.
Large is 32x32.
Each standing map sprite sheet is 3 images so in total the sizes are 16x48, 16x96 and 32x96.

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Ah Right! I forgot the animation was three counting upwards. Thanks for the info. I’ll check my Manakets and Tengus one more time.

I’m not sure about FE8, but in FE7, the world map would get buggy if any map sprites larger than 16 px wide were displayed, so this is something to keep in mind.

Stylistically, your map sprites’ standing sprites shouldn’t be wider than 16 px tho

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Ephraim’s sprite is taller than 16 and displays fine, so this might be FE7 exclusive.

I said width, not height

Oh my b I just can’t read. I think I remember the demon king sprite being displayed at some point though.