Hololive x FE: The Battle For Aurorai

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So one day, I had this idea: what if I combine two things I like? FE, but with characters from V-tuber agency Hololive? And thus, ol me up and got FEBuilder and got to planning this project. The title came later, but characters, chapters, bosses, and music even were plotted out. Over time, I’ve acquired a few friends to help with this crossover.

And yes, I did read up Cover’s (the company governing Hololive Productions) guidelines about fan work.

Markex133 is my main man on portrait duty, while Husbando Emblem(on discord) also does portraits. Dabmaster110(again, on discord) is my main man for battle BGM.


Do u have a link for a discord where y’all are working on this. I arranged some Hololive girl’s bgm myself and would like to help

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Yes I do. It currently stands at 9 members.

“H-Live” is probably not a good way to abbreviate Hololive, just sayin’.

Occasionally accurate, but not good.


In my defense, when I made the folder, my “o” key was not working. I’d change the title now tho to it’s proper name cuz I’m now on mobile.

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The abbreviation H-Live is misleading in many ways and should not be used.
In Japanese, the letter H is used to represent pornography, similar to the meaning of X in English.

In other words, H-Live would mean porn live. :smiley:

An aside
In the CSI:MI drama, the word “H” is often used as an abbreviation for the main character, lieutenant inspector Horatio, but for the reasons mentioned above, the Japanese version has replaced that part with the word “Chief”.


This is the schematics of my hack, may be subject to changes. This includes Chapters and chapter goals, playable characters and recruitment method, Bosses and classes, and Chapter BGM. Subject to change.

New renamed link.


Hololive x FE is actually an idea I had been bouncing around in my head for a while. I’m glad to see someone else has too. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got when I get the time.

Come join us in the discord mate! Even simple inputs can help!

Battle For Aurorai 11052021.emulator_06