Hi! I want to make an Arden inspired meme hack. Here is what I´ve made so far

I´m new here and still trying to learn how to import my animations to the program you see. I´m an avid fan of pixel art and I hope to make a fun meme mod for the Sacred Stones game.

I also wanted to ask… What kind of things do you want to do in a FE game but there´s nowhere to do it? That´s what I´m aiming to make haha. Well, anyways, hope to hear from y´all soon :smiley:


I wanted to share the process on how I made this, so have like the… Base? I think that´s a fitting nameTemplate Fe Battle animations

Hi, feel welcome to FEU and have luck with your project

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The animation is looking really cool!

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Thanks! Now I only need to put it into the game and we´ll be in business XD

There should be a tutorial about how to insert and script animations, but i cant find it right now, xD

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Oh gosh, that would be a HUGE help, I´ve been looking for that for a while now haha.

Right now I´m trying to ask for help on the FEU discord, but meanwhile, I´m searching on the japanese FeBuilder discord, the guy that supports the application is just so nice. He responded super quick!

Yeah, everyone is very helpful here, welp, keep asking, im sure at somepoint you will learn how to insert the anim, good luck!

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A lot of it is outdated now that febuilder exists, but the info on how how to make frames and scripts for battle animations is still pretty much accurate for use with febuilder.

Good luck and have fun.

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Thanks a bunch! I gave it a read already but haven´t really quite understood how to implement it into FeBuilderGBA :o

Once you have your frames and script, you can import it in febuilder in image editors -> battle animations -> import battle animation. Then select your script.txt file and the program will create an animation using your frames and the instructions in the script.

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Thank you! This is very helpful! I´ll write my script and uploaded, received a lot of help in the discord server, thanks!

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Wow, that’s a cool animation!

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