Hi, FeUniverse

I am new here, but I come from Serenes Forest. Thought I’d say hi before going to sleep mode. I am here on invitation by someone special to me. I love hacking, so you will probably be seeing me asking around for guidance with some things. My dream is to make a custom hack. I haven’t really played hacks, but I have seen so many projects, and I love you guys for all the effort you put into your work. One day I hope to play those hacks, and I hope you can play my own whenever I complete it. Be seeing you all, and I hope to help this community grow.


Welcome, Neimar! Good to see some new blood here, and another aspiring hacker at that. I think I speak for most of FEU when I say that our philosophy is to help you help yourself.

Have you got much of a project planned?

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Thank you, Agro. No, I still need to plan everything out, but I have some ideas circling my mind. Once I come up with something, I will post it.