Hi, everybody!

Hi, everyone! I’m Alaric and I’m new to this forum, although in the past I navigated it a bit, in the last month I have started to visit it more frequently until today I have decided to sign up.
do you wonder why today? because I have seen the fantastic project of FEE3! and this has motivated me to continue my personal project.
Before talking about my mod, I want to briefly tell about my videolutics career and my love for my favorite videogame series, and with great surprise (actually not surprising :sweat_smile:) it is: Fire emblem!
to take stock of the situation, I started playing video games since I was a child, a lot with my father I remember very well that my favorite game was and is The legend of zelda wind waker, after that I was given a Nintendo DS as a gift, and I started playing pokemon, the legend of zelda, mario games, final fantasy and even chrono trigger, which unfortunately I can’t find anymore…
but one day I was given the game that made me passionate about this incredible series: Fire emblem the sacred stones, I thought it was a simple final fantsy type game (how wrong I was :laughing:).
I began by selecting the difficulty and saw that I was confident in myself, but not too much, I picked normal difficulty…I clearly remember that the story attracted me from the beginning, and the game didn’t seem very difficult, especially thanks to Seth, but when I reached the forest where do you meet Arthur and Lute, I accidentally killed Ross but I didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking I could use it in the next chapter…at the end of the story I finished the game using only Seth, Duessel and Ephariam, not because I killed the whole cast but because I was afraid of making them die :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
After this I started playing all the other fire emblems, until today where apart from the first four, I played and finished them all but still my favorite remains the sacred stones!
simply because it was the starting point of my adventure in this series :grinning:
Now I want to show something of my project:
(I hope I have inserted the image correctly)
I don’t know if anyone recognizes this image, it is a poster of an old animated film (my favorite), that I have “reshaped” to insert it, where I come from is quite unknown, even if done by a great master of animation, I’m curious if anyone recognizes it :grin:
if you succeeded then you will recognize who is the girl who inspired my simple sprite
(see my profile picture)
I have been working on this project a little over a year ago, and right now it’s at a good point, but it’s not ready to be shown, especially since it is not written in English, and I would like to improve my English a little more before translating it.
I mainly used FEbuilderGBA (thanks a lot 7743!) but now I also use a mix with the Buildfile to create incredible new skills! (or at least I try :sweat_smile:)
I take this opportunity to thank some tutorial creators I followed: Thanks to: Sme, Runa, Snakey1, Pikmin, Tequila and Vesly (I hope I have not forgotten anyone :laughing:)
if you have come this far, thank you for reading my papyrus and I apologize for my english
I just have one last question concerning the creation of new skills, and I hope some wizards can help me

Blockquote@For the ladies: if “X” is near a female allied charachter, “X” gain +Atk and Hit
.equ AuraSkillCheck, SkillTester+4
.equ ForLadyID, AuraSkillCheck+4
push {r4-r7,lr}
@goes in the battle loop.
@r0 is the attacker
@r1 is the defender
mov r4, r0
mov r5, r1

@has ForLady
ldr r0, SkillTester
mov lr, r0
mov r0, r4 @Attacker data
ldr r1, ForLadyID
.short 0xf800
cmp r0, #0 
beq Done

@now check for the skill
ldr r0, AuraSkillCheck
mov lr, r0
mov r0, r4 @attacker
mov r1, #0x0
mov r2, #0 @Can trade
mov r3, #2 @range
.short 0xf800
cmp r0, #0
blt Done

@is the attacker male?
ldr r0, [r4] @char
ldr r0, [r0, #0x28] @char abilities
ldr r1, [r4,#4] @class
ldr r1, [r1,#0x28] @class abilities
orr r0, r1
mov r1, #0x40
lsl r1, #8 @0x4000 IsFemale
tst r0, r1
beq Done @skip if male

mov r0, #0x5A
ldrh r3, [r4,r0]
add r3, #3
strh r3, [r4,r0]

mov r0, #0x60
ldrh r3, [r4,r0]
add r3, #15
strh r3, [r4,r0]

pop {r4-r7, r15}
bx r0
@Poin SkillTester
@ POIN AuraSkillCheck
@ WORD ForLadyID

now i hope i haven’t destroyed my post :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
my idea is that if a character is close to a female character he takes a bonus (same effect as a gentleman but backwards) I know for sure this code is wrong, I was able to get it to work by making the female character receive the bonus … but not the owner of the skill, in the Chek gender skill section I inverted the values of “attacker” and “defender” without receiving any results, reporting me an error message that I did not understand but that referred to those lines of code ( was about Lyn or something similar), does anyone know where I’m wrong? I tried and tried again with no result
I hope with all my heart that someone can help me make this work
thank you again for reading all my mess
and stay safe, and long life and prosperity :vulcan_salute:t2:

p.s sorry for my english :sweat_smile: :laughing:
p.s.s and give me some time to understand how the forum works :rofl: :rofl:


Hey there, and welcome!

Your code looks good up to the AuraSkillChecker call. AuraSkillChecker specifically checks for nearby units having a skill, so it isn’t for checking anything else (I’m guessing in this case you want to check the IsFemale ability flag).
You’ll need to figure out how to iterate (manually or otherwise) through units in a specified range. I want to say there’s a vanilla function that helps with this?
Yep from Stan doc: SET_FUNC ForEachUnitInRange, 0x8024EAD. I’d investigate there.
Your return statement has

pop {r4-r7, r15}
bx r0

Right now, the bx r0 doesn’t do anything because the “return” itself happens with popping into r15. I highly recommend not popping into r15 (despite other skills doing it oof) since it’s not good convention. I would do

pop { r4 - r7 }
pop { r0 }
bx r0

Good luck, and don’t be afraid to come back with more questions! Live long and prosper here :vulcan_salute:

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Thanks so much for the tip
I thought I could somehow use the part of “chek gender” of the gentleman skill
But from what I understand, I have to find another way, right?
sorry for dumb question
EDIT: only now did I realize that I have completely mistaken your name :laughing: :sweat_smile:

Welcome to FEU, and good luck in your creative endeavours!

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