Heyo, I'm fresh blood

Heya, I’m vyavice (I also go by vya, or She in the Discord), I’m new to the whole romhacking scene (well, a month’s still new, right?)
Not all too sure how much I’ll be interacting with forums- it’s been a real long time since I’ve set foot in any forum- but maybe I will. Maybe.

Been working on a romhack project for the last 3-ish weeks? Mainly making it for myself but still pretty excited at the thought of other people playing it, hopefully I can disappoint as many people as possible due to my inexperience and bad art skills :)? But on a serious note, I am trying my best to figure out things because I’d like to make the best project I can make, hopefully at some point I could actually have something to put out.


Hi vyavice, welcome to FEUniverse!

I hope that you’ll enjoy it here and you can learn more for your hacking adventures!

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I’ve been lurking around the forums for a while and interacting with the Discord for a bit (also watched some of your videos actually), have learned quite a bit but I’m a bit scared now that I’ve begun delving into eventing and all that stuff that’s a bit more complicated than “Place unit and click play”

Feel a bit outta my element seeing all the people who already know what they’re doing and I’m here having spent 4 hours trying to figure out how a door works, but hopefully eventually I won’t feel entirely outta place

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Not to worry, a lot of people start out with that feeling of delving into an unkown world of all kinds of stuff. Practice makes perfect, which is exactly how I managed to “master” FEBuilder myself. I have been through all kinds of frustrations and happy moments during the entire process of my hack, so it is not uncommon to start out with a little struggle.

As long as you keep loving what you’re doing and believe in yourself, you will make something awesome! Good luck with your current project and possibly the many thereafter!

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