Hey! \^o^/

I’m Itsaredunit, you can call me Red or Default.

I’ve decided to create an account since I love the franchise games and I wanted to be a little more active on this community, so here I am!

Also i wanted to say thank you to all of the romhackers for their amazing works, and all the people who make sprites, battle animations and maps. You guys are the best! ♪(´▽`)



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Welcome to to FEUniverse! I hope you’ll have a great time here!

Welcome to FEU, the land of memes, more memes, mostly just memes, Shyuster and Redbean’s animations, a few more memes, a dead thread, memes, and Busk’s portraits!

nah really tho, welcome to FEU mate.


Hoy there, Itsaredunit! Welcome to the site!:slight_smile:

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