Hey - I m Cec

Hey there everyone - I m Cec and I m new here

While I did play some FE-Hacks already, such as Vision Quest or The Dragon Herald, I mainly did remain in the shadows, just checked the available Hacks and Guides/Ressources.

But now it s the time to create an account, and (try to) start an own Hack, hopefully with the help and support of this community because I m kinda a beginner in literally everything. (I m so bad, that I couldn t even remove the prologue “cutscenes” in FE8 without destroying the file, so I just left it there for now)

Usually I enjoy to play turn-based games, it all started with Advance Wars I guess, but also Fire Emblem got my attention, simply because there is more of a world and unique characters with stories, and I m a big Fan of the GBA-timeline of the series (most favorite is FE8).

In addition to that, I enjoy writing, creating stories/characters and so on, you could call me a hobby-writer if you want to, since I do it for many years now (mainly in German though, that s why a story in English probably is bit more limited in terms of vocabulary/creativity etc.). Also I dont know how long an introduction should be, but I m afraid mine is longer, because … well I enjoy writing.

After playing some nice hacks, reading through some projects and seeing the big repositories regarding the (I hope I did not misunderstand) free-to-use ressources if credit is given, I wanted to finally start a hack myself and therefore created an account here too (about time anyway).

To not completely bore you to tears with my introduction, I m gonna cut it here and just say some final words - basically I m happy to be here and hope I can finish some (smaller) hack with some interesting character-set and story to share, maybe even a big one in the future, hope never dies right?

Take care



Welcome to the community!
If you’re unsure about hacking using FEBuilder you may wanna take a look at Lex Talionis. Its a program similiarly to RPG maker which is made to make fire emblem like games. Klokinator made a great post about the differences and features of the different engines. But regardless of what you’ll choose you’ll find support in making your hack/fangame with both of those.
Also yes everything in Kloks repository is free to use, you should still make a text file crediting everything you’re using though.
Wünsche dir viel Glück bei deinem Projekt!



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Welcome to feu

If you watch a couple mins of this guide, that’s one of the first things I do.

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I never heard of Lex Talionis before I think, but I will make sure to check it, I m at the start of everything so could easily switch to something else that might be easier maybe (for me), so thanks for the hint
but that also means, I will get the support for Lex Talionis here as well? I kinda thought FE-Builder was the main tool

Yes I will make a .txt or something to list everything I will use just in case so I dont forget things

Danke fürs schnelle Kommentieren, hab mich sehr gefreut, Donlot : )


thank you, Vesly, and this video is exactly what my issue was! (I think), now I can finally remove that Prologue or at least skip it, will make sure to watch more of these : )

Im not sure how much help you’ll get here in regards to LT. You’ll find plenty of it on the LT discord server though.

btw here’s the link to kloks post regarding the differences of the two.

And here’s the link to the LT discord server.

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There are some helpful video guide threads linked in Getting Started. I’ve only made a couple videos myself, so you’ll probably find someone else’s thread as more useful.

Good luck!

(I feel like we’re two clubs poaching for new members to either do febuilder or LT now, hahaha)

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now that I learned on how to tag people might as well use it

thanks for the links, do you also have the link for the FEU discord maybe?

I ll check the tools before I plan any more of the hack, and see what s possible for the first smaller thing

sadly I dont know Python and dont think I will have time to invest in learning, in that case I might have to ask around here or you then, thanks :slight_smile:

I already did check some guides but more like general stuff, have to check some more for sure, thanks!

hahah, if you see it that way, now I feel a bit special :smiley:

hmm, maybe I could try to check Python at some point if I ll have the time and ofc motivation, currently I m more concerned of finishg something small (fast) at least, before I fail too often and give up
maybe for the follow-up bigger hack I could invest in more, at least I hope to make a bigger hack at some point with more features and so on that uses the first smaller one as a base

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have a good day and thanks again, mate!

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sorry, it is a habit of mine : )


Does grammar really bother you to the point of caps lock? Believe it or not, there’s some people who don’t speak English natively or fluidly. Just as long a you can understand, I don’t see the problem /:

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And welcome!! Really nice to have you here!! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:

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it’s called hyperbole, dude.

thank you : ) @YummyCatfood

whatever you say, partner

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