HEY! i like your shirt

sup brotein shakes, the name’s Jalen
(I dont mind if im called by my real name or ‘Oharo’ my screenname)

Even though I recently found out about this website i’ve been playing Fire Emblem for a decently long time now & I decided to make an account on here. About 1 week ago I decided to start making my own hack for the first time and so far it’s been moving(A snail’s pace but still moving :smirk:). It’s going to be like a prequel to FE4 centered around the original twelve crusaders and the original vessel of Loptyr, Gale. I look forward to getting to know some of you dudes and what goes on in this community in general :relieved:

I’ve played all FEs except New Mystery, Radiant Dawn and Mystery Of The Emblem.

My favorite is def Genealogy Of The Holy War (though Three Houses is starting to give it a run for it’s money)

:fist: I’ll cya around :sunglasses:


This sounds like a cool idea, and I’m immediately interested.

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Welcome, and cheers! Glad to see more people hang around in the community.

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Ah, A man of culture. Welcome.


Thanks! The plot is practically half done but I’m still not quite confident enough to make a whole post on here dedicated to it just yet. I dont really have any art experience or… an artist or anyone rlly to help me with mugs and such so thatll take the most amount of time if anything. :sunglasses:

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yo it’s my dude oharo welcome welcome

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Welcome aboard!

Also screw you. My shirt’s mediocre at best.

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This. Is. Something. I. Will. Love.
I can see it now… A 80+ Speed Ced.
One to surpass his descendants