Hey all!

A bit late to this, but I thought I’d make an intro post! (Mostly cause I think we need to in order to post images? It’s not really clear.) Anyways- You can call me Deacon2004, The Dean, or just Deacon works! I originally started working on a project in SRPG Studio, but switched to FeBuilder a few months ago! Currently, I’m working on a demake of Fire Emblem Awakening, which you can feel free to check the page on! I look forward to seeing how my time on this site goes!


hey nice to have you here! and can’t wait to see that awakening demake be playable :smiley:

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Welcome to the forum and yeah, before you can post images, links and embed videos you do need to get past basic membership by engaging with the forum a bit (mainly by posting in threads, liking posts etc).

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Ah this makes sense, I’ve been wondering that too

Hey! Hope you enjoy your time here!

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