Heritors of Liberation (SRPG Studio Project)

Greetings, everyone! I’m here to announce that my game (dunno if this counts here because it’s not a hack, though let’s pretend it is) I’ve been working on using the SRPG Studio engine. This is a 6 chapter long demo, so I hope you can enjoy.

Here’s a bit of the “unique” mechanics I made for it:

-fixed hit rates, aka 100% hit (used this because of SRPG Studio’s weird RNG)

-Bows are 2-3 range

-Units always level up HP and Weapon Level (Growths don’t exist)

-To replace growths, units gain guaranteed stats on certain levels (x unit gainhs +y stat at level z, for example)

-Every unit has their own personal weapon.

-Mounts and dancers get Canto+.

-A New Game+ feature.

-Crits don’t exist outside of certain skills.

Here’s the download link: https://mega.nz/#!sdtQGQwY!KLmvYrrNC0bIYofamyxTIhISP2psRAU89ZfmGD6VM9o


Have fun!

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For the record, this is very good, even if it breaks the mold a bit.

If SRPG Studio’s default RNG is such a problem, I believe you can change it with a script. I know of at least one SRPG Studio game being worked on that uses double-RNG instead of the apparent single-RNG used normally. Try asking around on the /r/SRPGStudio Discord about it.

Honestly, I planned hit rates to be high, so they were in the 90 to 100%, so I just made everything have 100% hit for more reliable strategies.

Okay. I’ve played through Chapter 1. While I like Axes as much as the next guy, I don’t like the fact that they’re just objectively better than Swords and Lances (there is nothing else distinguishing the weapon types other than Might). I would suggest adding something else to Swords and Lances to make them stand out more. If you insist both on not using weapon weight and using 100% hit rates all the time, maybe you could give Swords 10 more Crt and Lances 5 more Crt or something.

Chapter 2 went pretty smoothly until I tried to fight the enemies that spawned to the west. First Lyse got attacked by one enemy and lost some health. Then the other enemy, instead of attacking Eliza like I thought he would, opened a door with his key and ambush-spawned two MORE enemies right on top of me that killed Lyse and triggered a Game Over. How are you supposed to know they’ll spawn so close to you? If this is supposed to be a way to discourage bait-and-switching, it’s not good at all.

I’m looking into the axes thing, I’ll probably increase the weapon rank needed to use axes, while decreasing the weapon rank for lances and swords. Also, about chapter 2, you’re not supposed to fight the enemies. They’re there to make you go fast and end the map as soon as you can.

You could also maybe have lances give like, say, +5 DEF? Haven’t played the game yet, so dunno, but SRPG Studio is cool.

Okay, but maybe you should consider moving the ambush spawns they trigger somewhere else. It’s not completely obvious to first-timers that you aren’t supposed to fight the reinforcements (the Fighters at the western opening, at least) because of how you’d have to send Lodian back down to the pair of locked doors after recruiting Eliza anyway.

At the very least I would try to figure out how to make it not look like the ambush spawns are just appearing out of thin air. The staircases look like they’d be logical places to put reinforcement spawns, maybe you can add more of those stairs and move the ambush spawns there.

Okay, thanks for the help, I appreciate it. Also, other than that, what do you think about the game at the moment?

+5 def is kinda ehh, as it makes lance units kinda busted. Also enemies with lances would be bulky as hell.

It’s alright. It looks like it could use some polish, though. I’ll have to play more to form a good opinion on it.