Here's a Naga Portrait free to use


I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right place but I just spent 12 hours making this Awakening Naga portrait and wanted to post it here for others to use. This is my first time ever attempting to make a portrait so please be gentle. I usually do weapon icons but figured I would try my luck at portraits today. Yes I suck at minimugs. Feel free to fix my fugly attempt at a mini mug if you want.

Edit: Reuploaded a better version with improvements. Still working on it.


It looks cool, I might give it a try, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:
The only thing that looks a bit weird is the right side of her face, it looks a little flat. But it is ok, still great work

@SacredStones is it ok to add this to the new Communal FE Portrait Collection (GBA), which is a place for people to access Portraits made by the community from different games.

If you’d like to, sure! This was my first try at a portrait so its not good whatsoever, I have a lot better portraits to offer at this point and I’ll probably completely overhaul this one in a week or two. PM me and I can send you all of my most recent portraits.