Here for a Specific Reason

Hello everyone! So I usually introduce myself as Ozzy. I joined FE Universe with a very specific purpose. I want to learn and use GBA FE romhacking tools and methods to finally provide a more accessible way of playing a translated form of Thracia 776 so more people can experience the game.

So a little bit of my FE background: I was introduced to the series via Awakening’s advertising demo and then played Path of Radiance, Sacred Stones, Awakening, Conquest, Radiant Dawn, Echoes, Blazing Sword, Genealogy of the Holy War, and am currently in the middle of playing Thracia 776, with Tear Ring Saga next on the list. Of these, Path of Radiance is my favorite, with Genealogy of the Holy War and Echoes being close seconds, although Thracia has been rising fast to maybe surpass them.

Hacking-wise, I’ve dabbled in FE Fates hacking, specifically for a Conquest-related project that’s on hold right now, using Nightmare modules and 3DS Emblem file structure and scripting. I have also started checking out FE GBA Builder and many technically impressive GBA romhacks such as FE Girls, FE Midori, Order of the Crimson Arm, Elibean Nights, etc to see what I can use for a Thracia GBA remake.

Hopefully, I can give something back to the FE community as a whole with these endeavors!

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Welcome to 'Universe bud!