Help with starting a custom portrait

Hi, I recently got a commision for one of my charecters, Sadly i really dont know where to start off trying to recreate her for making a portriat. I have some splicing knowledge. Any idea where i should start?


GIMP and vanilla FE8 portraits as references.

she’s very pretty btw


Thank You, btw shes a humanized version of my inkling lol. Artist is @/kiwufruit on twitter


Perhaps you could open it in MS Paint and rezise it, then refine the pallette to give it some shading

Actually, you know what? I can make it to a GBA portrait for you, if you want. What do you say?

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Sorrry for the super late response, alot of IRL things happened, If you are still up for it that would be amazing!

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I’m on it :wink:

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thank you so much