Help with music

Hey. I need help finding a FEBuilder-compatible version of the chapter 3 song from FE4. Can someone please help?

So are you looking for a MIDI or .s?

If you’re looking for a MIDI try looking here

From this thread:

...if there’s a particular song from a particular game that you want to use, depending on what that game is (and how much effort you put into making it work in-game) it may be possible to rip the music as a MIDI and port it yourself.
The most useful program for doing this is [VGMTrans]( The following formats are compatible with VGMTrans:

    Nintendo's SNES sequence and instrument format known as N-SPC (.spc)

You’ll notice that a fair number of them are listed as  `(.spc)` . In this case, these are files ripped from SNES games. You can find large collections of them free to use (with credit of course) [here](
EDIT: The files you download from that site are .rsn files. These are archives and can be opened with 7-Zip or a similar program to access the .spc files within.```

Yangkai already ripped the music to S files.

Thank you for the help, I appreciate it.

Thank you too for the help, I also appreciate it.