Help with making multiple chapters

this problem has occurred before for me and in order to make sure I am assembling right, what is ORG? and what do I put there?

do I put the offset of what event assembler spit out after it made the first chapter or something different?

I have been trying to figure this out for 6-8 months, searching tutorials, google and I have found nothing talking about it. Just everyone magically knows how to create hacks with multiple chapters without their events breaking.

Will keep experimenting to find out.

I believe ORG stands for origin. It basically means “Write code to the location beginning with this address”.

If the offset that EA spits out is the thing that says “events end at OFFSET” or something like that, then you should be fine writing your next chapter’s code at that location. I personally would leave some space in case you need to make a small edit (add an instruction) so you don’t have to repoint everything. And if your events keep messing up, it’s possible you’re overwriting your previous ones.

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Thanks, that helped me figure it out. Turns out my map offset was wrong not my event offset which was causing my map to glitch out and screech in terrible pain. Once I gave my event offset some wiggle room and corrected my map offset, game works again. wew, hacking is hard.