Help with Inserting Custom Spell Animations

I see all the really cool spell animations that people have created on this site (Wind, Tornado, Bolganone, etc), and I would love to be able to add these to vanilla Fire Emblem 7 as part of a mod without replacing existing animations. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with how this is done using Nightmare and FEeditor. Is there a tutorial available?

Spell Animation Inserter Question:
If I were to insert Bolganone in FEeditor using the Spell Animation Inserter, would I load the animation script at input value 3E in FEeditor? I believe the spell animations end at 0x3D. Would I then load the next spell at input 3F?

Custom Item Animation List Question (Nightmare)
How do I use the Custom Item Animation List to create the spell animation? Is this the tool that helps an item identify the correct animation to play? I am assuming this table would need to be re-pointed at least if I am adding more items.

Spell Association Editor Question (Nightmare)
Does the Spell Association Editor needs to be used as well to successfully insert a new spell animation? If so, why is there no way to change the weapon dropdown? Also, there seems to be a mismatch between the item ID and the animation ID. Is there

Is there any other tool that needs to be used to get this working?

there is certainly a tutorial, which is Blazer’s Ultimate Tutorial, search it up and have a read

Use Circles’s animation assembler, not FEditor. It’s a lot less buggy once you get the hang of it and can make better-looking animations.

Yes, I have a copy of the tutorial stored on my phone and computer. Of course, it may be 5 years old. Not sure if there is a newer version I have read the sections on the spell animations, but the tutorial feels incomplete. I have checked online sources too, but cannot find one.

Thanks, I can check out Circle’s animation assembler, but isn’t this for creating the art?

What if the art for the animation is already done? How do I insert it into Fire Emblem 7 and associate the animation to an item. Honestly, the suggested Nightmare modules seem buggy or busted to me. Is there a newer version I should be using?

Animations made using Circles’s thing are inserted using Event Assembler. The .event file for your spell has an editable number in it that determines which animation it replaces (for example, 0x16 is Fire). However, I unfortunately don’t have much experience using the spell association Nightmare modules.