Help with Hybrid Magic/Meele animation fix

I wanted to do a magic general with both lances and magic in my rom hack, but I can’t find the patch anywhere. I tried using event assembler to apply the fix, but my dumb stupid brain simply can’t figure out how to do it
Anyone please lend me a hand with a fix? Preferabbly a ups patch compatible with an modfied rom of sacred stones

I am certain there is a patch in FEBuilder, but not sure about separately. You ‘might’ be able to find it if you manage to dig up FEditor? Maybe? I’ll dig around a bit and get back to you on if i find it somewhere.

Thanks for the help, I was unable to find the patch myself in the patch tab, myself. hopefully it doesn’t take too long to find it

You’d likely find it by searching ‘magic fix’ or something.
Anyways, seems I had an IPS patch laying about, huh. Who knew hoarding and keeping files from like a decade ago could be handy.

Hopefully it’d work? I’m not going to be too surprised if it’s for FE7, but it’s the only one I seem to have laying around in patch form.

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Thanks bro now Its time for Magic general!

stupid question but how do I use the rar file? thanks

Limit Weapon Rank Display would also work.

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It’s an archive file, you’d need to use something like Winrar to open it.