Help with Hand Axe

I accidentally replaced the animation for the hand axe with feditor, I can’t seem to fix it so does anyone have a hand axe script or a link to the script?

Why don’t you rip it from a fresh rom?

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the spell animation one? not sure how to

  1. You can’t actually rip/dump GBA spell animations, so re-importing it isn’t possible after you’ve overwritten the slot accidentally.
  2. Your best bet is to find the spell animation pointer array, and compare it to the pointers in a fresh ROM. The graphics and animation data for the Hand Axe are still in your edited ROM, you just need to find the proper pointers.

what would I use to find the pointers?

I assumed you meant the animation for like say a brigand/fighter, not the actual hand axe magic animation. That sucks.

This is why you anyways make spare ROMs.

do you know where I can find the pointers, and/or what with?