Help With FE2 (Gaiden) Music In My FE6 EXTREME 2.0

Hi everyone here at FE Universe!

I’d like help with music customization with my FE-6 Extreme 2.0 hack.
To be honest I’ve tried it and the music comes out wrong. I only know how to mess around with sprites, palletes, battle animations, weapons customization etc.

Not only that I’d like to customize FE2 music in my FE6 hack but i’d like to add others as well. For instance I’d like the player’s phase battle theme to be FE7s and the same for the enemy phase.

Here’s the link to the music that I want in my FE-6 hack:

Link to FE-6 EXTREME 2.0 Patch:

You may customize it as you please… Surprise me! However make sure that the battle theme for both the player’s and enemies’s phase is from FE7.

Thank you in advance for the help whoever you might be.

May I ask where you got these .s files? Did you make them yourself?

No. A friend shared this folder with .s files.

Are they free-to-use? His version of ‘Dew and Patty’ from FE4 is much better than mine.

Sure… You may use it. By the way can you help me with my request? I’d like to improve my FE6 hack with different music.

Of course. Well, first the problem is that when inserting music, you will likely use the same instrument set as the track you replace, and (nearly) every track has a different instrument set.
To counter this, the hacking community uses the Native Instrument Map patch in FE7 and 8, which adds most instruments in the game in a single package and sorts them in a standard midi order.

However, the problem is that I don’t believe FE6 has that luxury. Luckily, FeBuilder has this wonderful function called ‘Song Import from another game.’ Now, use this to your advantage to port FE7 and 8 tracks to FE6. As for the custom tracks, like the ones from FE2, you can use a dummy ROM. By that I mean import them in FE8 with NIMAP installed and then port them to FE6 using the Song Import function I mentioned before.

If you have any trouble with this I am more than happy to help, but for now I’d like you to try this yourself. It’s a huge asset to know this kinda stuff when making a hack.

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For now, I inserting the FE7 Attack and Enemy Attack themes as a quick example.
Here you go:

Ah interesting. I will give that a go… I’ll retrieve music from FE7 and FE8 using FE Builder then I’ll implement some in my FE6 hack. Thanks!