Help with choice event

Hey, community. I’m into my 2nd chapter in my hack. All was going smooth, till I decided to try making like a side quest. I was able to get to the part where you give the player the choice in the text, but what comes next after the dialogue? Is it a condition event or two? And which codes from the list would I use to make the events happen? I am using Febuilder by the way.

There are two selection events.
In FE8, the result is stored in memory slot C.

I will explain the selected event using the simplest conversation event.

1.Enter the event editor and right click.
(In this example, it will be added at the bottom of the prologue start event.)
2.Please select a template.

3.Please select “Conversation branch selector Yes / No”.
4.Please press Select this Template button.

5.The event is inserted.

6.Please try running it for the time being. Branch by choice.

7.After that, please change this event as you like.

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It was that easy! :laughing: I haven’t used the template option much, I’ve just been doing simple stuff. But thanks a lot for your help, you really explained with great detail that I was able to learn how to do that type of event.