Help with character maker

Hey guys, I have trouble with using Character maker. No matter what I do I can’t ever use the resources provided. Instead, it will always display emptytok

Well, before we get that out of the way, it might be worth mentioning that the results of the character creator are often extremely ugly because people keep using default settings, so I would advise that you play with the settings before calling whatever you make done.

I’ve never used it, but I know about the horrid “clay soldiers”. Anyhow, there might be a readme somewhere where you downloaded the application with instructions on how to use it. If there is, read that.

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The bigger issue with the character maker is I believe the outputted images are actually not insertable without being downsized? Someone can feel free to correct me on this if it’s changed but my understanding was that the character maker wasn’t designed for hacking and is essentially incompatible.

Pretty sure it was actually made by someone on reddit wanting to create custom characters for a DnD campaign…

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It outputs them in 192x192, which you can divide by two to get 96x96. The standard GBA frame size is 96x80, so all you have to do then is shave 16 pixels from the top and voila. Of course, frames are also mandatory, but these are the basics.


Where are you getting your build from? The appearance seems a bit different so I’m wondering if you pulled from TheFlyingMinotaur’s repo for the tool, which doesn’t have the “resources” folder with all the sprites in it.

This one seems to run fine: . Guessing that you can just move the resource folder from there into the same directory as your particular CharacterCreator.jar and it should find the tokens.

[Edit: oh cool there’s a variant of CC out there. It’s been a year but if you happen to know anyone working on it I’d like to know.]

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I think I use a program that looks like this. I get my ''original/custom" portraits from that program. It is a little bit unhandy though, because it will only give me the portrait. No talking frames, no blinking frames and no mini mug… If you play a little bit with programs like these, I’m sure you can make some great portraits!