Help with chapter title

I’m very sorry if there’s already an answer to this out there somewhere, but the title for this chapter gets messed up whenever I import it into FEBuilder.

Not much I can tell and see from the image or the information you provided, but my initial guess would be that the palette got messed up somewhere. Does it look fine in FEBuilder, and did you change up the palette in anyway during editing or use a different palette than what is in-game?

Using images to edit chapter titles in FEBuilder never turns out well, in my experience. Try installing the “Chapter Titles As Text” patch and editing with that.

No, the white and the gold get switched

I’ll try this, hopefully it will work.

Thank you for the help, it worked.

Please send me the image you were trying to insert.
I want to test because there may be some bugs.
To do that, I need your image data.

Ok, here. I’m sorry if this somehow isn’t what you’re looking for.

Thank you for sending me the image.

You seem to be wrong with the palette.


Your image

FEBuilderGBA will automatically correct even broken palettes.
But it seems that it didn’t work here.

I will investigate the cause later.


In the latest version, a chapter title automatic palette correction routine has been introduced.
Even if the palette is different from the default value, it should be able to compensate automatically to some extent.

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