HELP WANTED: Early beta testers

So I’ve been working on an original hack recently (for those of you who know of my last hack, no it is not raven mode) and I want advice on its early map design, it’s only four or five chapters so far so I don’t feel comfortable releasing that little content to the public.

know how to play fire emblem
know what makes a fire emblem map good
able to write constructive criticism

I look forward to any feedback, if you want to test this hack out then inform me of so on this topic and I’ll message you a link as soon as possible

here’s some info about the hack

high growths to make you feel good with all the dings
frequent stat boosters to make up for unlucky players
only uses heaven seals (which are buyable) and two promo items for the lord
very bulky mage
wyvern rider Jagen
glass cannon archer
lopsided stats on bosses (example: boss with high strength but low speed and defense but high res)
original story
lots of grammatic errors that still get the point across but it’s a minor annoyance
a mage effective hand axe known as the ‘mage killer’ which is the prf of your first cav
optional casual mode!
myrmidon with little hp and durability but is extremely fast and can deal good damage
35 crit slim sword!
Fun? Characters

screenshots (as you can see I had a lot of fun with Max):
FE8 Host of the Dark.emulator.emulator4 FE8 Host of the Dark.emulator.emulator3 FE8 Host of the Dark.emulator.emulator1 FE8 Host of the Dark.emulator.emulator

I won’t add a credits list yet since this is a private beta testing, I’ll be sure to credit all of the wonderful creators of all of the assets used in this hack when a public demo is released, for now, though if you get a link you can see the creators of any class animation or portrait by hovering over it with R.

Edit: Due to my laziness, I’ll send a link to all people who has request posts I give a heart to


Mmm, i would like to try this beta, it looks interesting.

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Great! I’ll send you a link to a ups in about six hours when I can access my laptop.

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I’d like to help with testing! Always nice to see people ask for feedback!

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same with Markex, link will be sent in a few hours

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Ser Arcus Starshield has entered the chat


sounds very fun i can help

great, I’ll send you a link too.

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Count me in! Is always fun to test other people’s works…

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You will be getting a link in a few hours

I’m interested.

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can I please help? I have a feeling this will be fun :slight_smile:

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