Help in need

Hello Everyone I have something to ask? Can anyone please help me with posting my sprite and SKILL animations? I really want to be able to give back to the spriting community, but I’m too low of beginner to begin sharing and posting my stuff. So if anyone could help me with posting. And if you click the link on my profile it will take you to where I have to post my work in order for you to download the link to my animation. I would genuinely appreciate it the help. :face_exhaling::face_exhaling::face_exhaling::face_exhaling::face_exhaling::face_exhaling:

Edit: In all honesty I’ll think I’m gonna give up on making sprite for a long while, since all this is becoming rather difficult. I don’t want to explain anything anymore, but I just want one, just one persons to download all those animations at that my profile and distribute them to the community. I do apologize for my silliness, but all those animation are F2U and I hope you all have a wonderful time using my animations.
Goodbye Everyone, I wish you all a wonder and happy time :wave::blush:


I would suggest making an introduction post.

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I actually have made an introduction post, but I’m afraid that isn’t helping either. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

First up welcome to the community sirknite031 hope you enjoy your time here

Wait 1 week you will get member level then you can send sprites and links. If you see your profile it says basic user that will change to trust level 2 member after 1 week of attending
If you login everyday even for a min for 1month or so you get trust level 3 regular

If you forgot the password maybe the mods can help i guess

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What’s the name of your other account?

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This is the original account: