Help! How to use Skill Hack FE8 from Circleseverywhere?

Uh, kinda silly but I’ll express it as I’m feeling it. Hmrm…




I know, language, I don’t care. Maybe I’m just stupid, but I’ve been using the last two days of my life trying to learn how to us this thing to no avail and it’s getting on my nerves. The readme won’t even explain what a .EVENT extension is or how to open it. Or, again, maybe I’m just stupid.

Help me please!!!

Based on what method of hacking you’re using, it’s different. Ex. with FeBuilder all you have to do is install a patch. If it’s Buildfiles then I’m not sure, because I’m still learning it. (Note: You probably said what method you use, if that’s the case then I apologize, I have a habit of not reading the new messages in threads completely.)

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All good pal. I didn´t knew I had to address the system I’m using. FEBuilderGBA and Nightmare are the ones I use the most. Where’s this patch? You mean SkillTest or FE8 Skills Vanilla?

If you’re interested in learning buildfiles, check out

If you’re using FEBuilder, you don’t need these files. Just search skill system in the patch menu.

Got it. Now… How do I use this again?

There’s only a bunch of skill names and .EVENT

And some ARM thingy too.

Ah, nope, I meant within the program.

Open FEBuilder > Advanced Editors > Patches

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Thanks man. You truly are a lifesaver.

Just so you know, the FEBuilder Patch has a stealth feature called “Flashy Mode” which makes it so that every time your last unit attacks a boss, and the hit kills the boss, it’s always a crit.

If you’re cool with that, the FEBuilder Patch is good.

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Huh, neat. Thanks for the info.

Please tell me more about “Flashy Mode”.
Is it a bug?
I will fix it if a bug, so I want more detailed information.
Please send report7z.

It’s okay, he’s probably referring to some “feature” to make the final hit on every fit more epic. Even so, just in case, if there’s any sort of way to disable it, please post it here for reference.

Flashy mode isn’t a bug. It’s a feature. Seriously though, it’s an edit in rounds data that forces a critical hit if the unit is killing a boss.

It also does not affect damage, the hit will only turn into a critical if it was going to kill anyway.

Yeah, you can’t disable it without rebuilding the rom. I’ve done it though. I can post it if anyone wants it. Thanks 7743 – it isnt technically a bug, but it is an unstated feature. So maybe it should be separate.

If you use Notepad++'s “Find all in folder” feature (I think its called) and just search “flashy” you can find what you need to comment out/delete.