Help for Redux Fire emblem 6 boss recruitment

Hello, I am currently working on the project “Deluxe Fire Emblem 6 boss recruitment” which serves as a sort of “remake” of the original. Adding much additional content such as recruitment dialog, supports, and more. While much progress has been made I’m currently the only one in the group making this, that actually knows how to use FEbuilder. Because of this, I’m asking if anyone would be interested in perhaps, helping me implement the amazing ideas made, at a much faster pace to have it released earlier. If you wish to help, please message this account so we can discuss the details in a greater matter.

The other people in my group, have also been suggesting to see if I can find someone who’s able to make portraits. So while I’m requesting that I’ll request this as well. Once more if you wish to message this account to discuss the details
Thank you for reading, and have a good day.