Help : Converting wav or mp3-4 to .s

Hello i need help if someone could help i’d like to add the Desperate assault theme from DBS in a rom but i don’t know how to do it. anyone have the solution ?

Did you look at the Music Insertion Guide for Beginners yet?

To create a .s file, first you need a midi sequence. A midi is somewhat like a wav or mp3, except it has the data for exactly what instrument plays what parts and whatnot. Instead of being a waveform, a midi is like a specific set of instructions for the computer to play all of the instruments of a song. This is good because we can translate this fairly easily into data that the GBA sound engine can read.


You can’t turn a waveform back into a midi, which means that if you want this song, you’ll need to find (or arrange) a midi of it.