Help changing FE7's x2 effective damage

I’m brand new to romhacking. I’d like to change the effective damage in FE7 from x2 to x3, but I don’t understand how. I’ve seen people ask this before, but I don’t understand the answers because I’m a complete noob who doesn’t know how 90% of this stuff works.

Can someone explain this clearly enough for someone as hopeless as me to understand? (A video guide would be incredible, if that exists.)

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Crazycolorz wrote:

How do we do that?

at 028B4E you’ll see 50 00 08 80 29 1C 5A 31

Change that into XX 20 50 43 08 80 C0 46,

where XX is how many times you want the effectiveness to be. (e.g. 03 for FE8 style 3x effectiveness)

From Changing FE7's weapon effectiveness factor

Use a hex editor such as the one in febuilder and just paste into it at that address


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