Hello Fire Emblem Universe guys ! I’m here to introduce myself, even if i don’t have a lot to say about me.
I’m just a twenty years man who like the Fire Emblem games. And this is all that I can say. I might not be able to make my own hack right now ( one day, I will do one, I know it ).

… Should I say something else now ?

Welcome friend!

If you want to start playing around with some editing tools, I would recommend starting with Nightmare and playing around with simple item, class, and character data. It should be in the unified dropbox.

Good luck, and I look forwards to your creations!

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So welcome to FEU. We hope you enjoy your stay, please check out the discord. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.
I’m sounding real human here. By the way, Feditor is not well-liked among the veterans. At all. It’s very buggy. Be sure to have a read of the Ultimate Tutorial; the one here is WIP but explains the newest methods. The one you’d find elsewhere is complete, but a bit outdated. Most of us also hack FE8 these days.

Welcome! If you’re looking for real-time help, check out the discord. Good luck!