Hello :^)

I’m Contrail.

I’ve lurked here a little bit but decided to join because I want to start posting here. My main area of interest is hacking FE 4, which I’m currently working on a rom hack for. Resources on how to hack FE 4 have been a bit scarce, which is why I’d like to write some guides about things I’ve been figuring out as I’ve been working on my hack.

I’m fairly new to SNES hacking specifically, but my years of professional programming experience have been serving me well as I learn the details of working with SNES assembly.


dude that’s awesome! welcome to the forums and i’m looking forward to seeing guides from you in the future

Hoy there! It’d definitely be rather nice to see FE4 get more resources in general. Good luck~!

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Welcome Contrail hope you enjoy your time here

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