Hello World!

Hi! I’m Fazelle and I’m glad to be apart of this community! I’ve been a Fe fan for over a decade now, and I’ve been getting into using FeBuilder for about a year and a half, so it’s cool being apart of a community of similarly passionate fans. I’ve been using the hack I’ve been creating to get into writing and game design, and it’s been a very enlightening and fun experience. I’ve played a ton of cool hacks in the year I’ve been lurking, and I’m hoping mine might be considered one of them, someday.

Also, I’m hoping this post might open up the opportunity for me to post links…


Your account needs to reply to a thread (that someone else made?) and be at least 24 hours old to post images / links iirc.

Welcome to feu. If you’ve already spent so long figuring out febuilder then I’m sure you’ll get on with everyone just fine.


Welcome Fazelle hope you enjoy your time here

Oh a writer huh? Maybe i could get some aid from ya’. Also, welcome! Enjoy your stay!

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