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Hey guys,

Took me a while to get onto this forum, but here I am. I go by the username Pixelman over at Serenes Forest, but you probably don’t know me because I rarely post there lol. Anyways, my hot and steamy love for ROM hacking has rekindled, and this forum seems to be where all the FE ROM hackers congregate. I’ve been involved with the hacking scene since I was like 12, but I rarely develop anything worth a damn anymore.

My hacking experience includes the prologue of my cancelled hack, FE: Rising War, and the prologue of a Corrupt Theocracy remake dubbed FE: World War. Rising War is bad and I made it when I was uh… very young, and World War is currently on hiatus because I’m too lazy. I’ll probably port it over to FE8 at some point because that’s where all the good stuff is being developed.

Also I put Mystery of the Emblem as my favorite FE but its really a 4-way tie between Binding Blade, Thracia 776, Conquest, and MotE.

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Welcome to FEU. We hope you enjoy your stay. Don’t forget to check out the discord.
…a corrupt theocracy remake, you say
we have a bit of experience with messing with ct ya know
But anyway, if you’re into romhacking, you’ve come to the right place.

Haha, I know what you’re doing with CT.

How the hell did you crack that rom though? I tried all my tools (Nightmare/FEditor) and it wouldn’t even open in those lol.

Hi welcome here and enjoy your stay or smth
try not to die at least

join the discord btw


:b:elcome to :b:EU :b:epis :b:an!

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