Hello!(looking for the best gba emulator)

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Good day! I’m new around here.
So the gba games haven my first and favorite games of the series so I decided to play the ones from the community.
Right now I want to play “legends of avenir” buy Im having problems.

My question is,What’s the best emulator for GBA hacks?

Hi hi. I have been using VBA-M (a more recently updated version of the now quite old VBA) for a long time without issue. However, i believe mGBA is generally considered more modern and accurate. But if you’re having problems with a specific hack, it’s probably best to ask the developer(s) what they recommend for the best performance.

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hi, thank you for the advices.
do you mind sending one link to one of those emulators,please?

VBA-M has a github and mGBA has a website where you can download them.

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If you’re just playing romhacks, both mGBA and VBA-M are generally fine.

If you’re making a romhack, we recommend testing on mGBA so that your hack will function on real hardware.

If you’re playing on mobile, then nearly every emulator is based on VBA. There is an mGBAdroid app, but the UI isn’t that friendly.

mGBA for computer, MyBoy for phone.