Hello! Looking for challenge ideas :)

Hello, BigChuchu here. I love the GBA and SNES FE games, actually never played any game after FE8! My favourite game is Thracia, hehe, and Genealogy of Holy War second because of the music.
Hacks-wise, so far I’ve only played Vision Quest and Last Promise, loved both of them. Looking forward to try new hacks.

I was wondering if you could inspire me with challenge ideas? I like an ironman challenge… until I find myself restarting a chapter after the first stupid death, so this one is out. I’m looking mainly for restriction in my choice of units. I hate having to choose who to put on the battlefield, and who to promote and when!

I played Thracia, VQ and LP recruiting all characters, but with a random number generator to decide who I’d pick before each battle. That was quite fun, sometimes ending up with no healer, or with units that were severely underleveled.

I’m now thinking of doing a “Girl Power” challenge, where only female characters are allowed to use weapons, with male characters only there as healer/support/mule/meatbag. (I’m NOT a feminist btw :p)

Any other fun ideas please, or hack suggestion? Thanks a lot!


How about a no Healer/dancer run? no healing with staffs or dancing

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hmmmm… not fun enough? :stuck_out_tongue:
But keep them coming! ^^

Rescue emblem. Start the map off by rescuing half your units with the other half. Playthrough the map with the other half of your units. In case the deploy slots are odd, unequip the last character and you cannot use them to fight (using them as a wall is okay). In case a character dies and the rescued unit plops out, you can’t use them for battle.
I dunno if it’s possible to beat any fe games like this, but it could be an interesting idea

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So basically playing with half-speed and half-skill? Not really what I’m looking for, but thanks for suggesting anyway!

1 Weapon type run, you are only able to attack with 1 weapon type. I did swords for shadow dragon and it was pretty fun. I also used healers but ya know

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[FE8] Fire Emblem: Souls of the Forest 0% growths lunatic reverse

hahaha good luck

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Try to finish FE7 with Lyndis Legion units only. I think I saw someone try this once, but don’t recall if he succeeded or not.
Just so you get the idea of the type of challenges you may face, you would need to solo the first chapter of Eliwood Mode with Dorcas, for example.

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fun is for casuals, any gba game will do :slight_smile:

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I did that on a Justice and Pride Ironman. Would highly recommend, it made everything so much harder and more thought provoking

Fe4 substitutes only run is super fun. I’m currently doing an archers-only run of Sacred Stones, which is a blast (and pretty easy to do with any class if you are decent at using FEBuilder)


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