Hello! literally just new here, ^3^

Ah FE universe, the days past I was curious about this environment and now I’m officially part of it! I’ve played all the FE GBA games, particularly FE 7 and 8. I’m also a beginner in pixel arts because I want to be able to create those amazing animations I saw in the FE GBA games. Sadly those GBA games are the only FE games I’ve played due to console limitations (and due to the fact I’m a teenager so that makes sense T3T). I was able to create a “few” sprites for my temporary fan game, though still in story wise and character making. Other than that please help me get to know ya’ll more and help me how things work here too because I’m confused as hell. T3T


Look at the pins, they have all you need to get started.

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Thanks, appreciate it ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Hacking itself is fairly simple, it’s just time consuming getting all those resources together, mugs, animations, other shit.

Oh and I guess learning FEBuilder as well.

If in doubt always start with some FEBuilder tutorials, i’m fairly sure there’s one posted somewhere.

If you’re in need of assets, there’s free to use ones available in the community repo, just remember to give credit. If you’re making your own, that’s also cool. and feel free to share, people are always hungry for more animations

Thanks, lastly btw how do you paste pictures and Gifs FEU, I am desperate T-T

Should be an upload button somewhere on the message box. It’s probably in the bottom right corner if you’re on mobile.

It says “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.” when I try to upload a picture

Oh yeah, i think you just need to talk more or some shit to get image perms

Idk i just lurk 90% of the time here lmao

If you read enough posts you’ll get image perms eventually

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ohhhhh alright thanks very much ^▽^

If you’re on an android device, there are a few emulators for SNES (and NES, if you want to play FE1/2). There’s also Drastic which is a NDS emulador. I don’t know about 3DS emulators so I can’t say if they can run Awakening/Fates/Echoes smoothly.

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Hello there

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