Hello, it's me!

I was gonna wait until I was able to share the demo for my hack before doing an intro, but it seems like it might be a chicken and egg situation. So let me go ahead and introduce myself.

Im keymavega, keyv for short. I’m currently working on a short rom hack based off of a world I was initially building out for dnd, but decided to expand it to something bigger. This project is more or less a test run for me regarding the premise of this world. That’s not to say that I don’t love rom hacks or Fire Emblem. I’ve played through more than half of them, with FE7 being my favorite!

I would say that my skill set is more geared towards art, with digital painting and music production, but I also have some dev chops, mainly with JS. Currently learning more about game dev to be more of a unicorn type though (Unity experts hmu). With this hack, I will be a one man team, doing the art, eventing, writing, etc. :triumph:

Nice to meet everyone, would love to get to know the community better!


Welcomes Key, hope you enjoy your stay here. Good luck on your project!




Welcome, I hope you have fun making your rom hack! It sounds like it’ll be an interesting experience to say the least. I hope you’re able to convey your world perfectly with the Fire Emblem style of storytelling, good luck!

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Thanks for the welcome! Hopefully it’ll be done soon enough for you to add it your list of playthroughs :grin:

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