Hello, I'm new

Hey there, I guess I’m new here.
About myself… I’m Robin!
I’m 18 years old and I’m from Germany. Yes, Germany! Hacking did go this far!
My favorite FE Game is Awakening because it was the first one I played and because of that I got attached to it the most. But I love every singe Fire Emblem game. (Fates only because of the Gameplay)
I got here by a friend of mine who is also into hacking.
I have some things I work on.
I hope that I will have a great time here!


Welcome. Enjoy your stay, have lots of fun.

Moin Robin,

welcome to FEU. If you have any questions or you’re just looking for a place to hang out feel free to join our Discord sever.

Welcome! Enjoy your stay here, I suggest you also join the discord server for a more live experience!

Welcome and enjoy your stay here ^^

Welcome bro

Hey there fellow German brother

enjoy your stay

Wait what?
Didn’t know you’re german too, Alfred xD

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I am german xD

I’m not German but I still thought of replying to this, for some reason.

Welcome and feels at home!

I’m Italian but German people are brothers to me :slight_smile:

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Fire Emblem Universe(but mostly europe)
Welcome from white flag land!

Greetings, fleshling.
Welcome to Multicultural Universe ahem, Fire Emblem Universe.
As others have said before me, give the FEU discord a look and if you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
This is your introductory Irishman speaking, for the record.

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Thank you everyone. ^^
I’ll definitely join the Discord.


something something greetings fleshling go to the discord

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You did confuse me for a sec xD

I know Nathan, I do watch your videos occasionally :wink:

LOL Kirb. Nice one xD

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